Goodbye my childhood friends…Lois Lilienstein and Jonathan Crombie


jonathan-crombie hqdefault(Jonathon Crombie –                           (Lois Lilenstein –

Recently, I’ve had to say goodbye to two icons from my childhood. I remember listening to Sharon, Lois & Bram on my parents record player and I’m sure I still have the vinyl buried away somewhere. It’s hard to believe that one of the sunny characters from The Elephant Show is no longer with us. I remember singing along to One Elephant, Deux Elephants and weirdly, I still get nostalgic to this day when I hear it.

If you’ve seen the amazing Anne of Green Gables adaptation then you can’t help but love the adorable Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert Blythe. I remember waking up at 6 am on Saturdays to sneak downstairs and watch the movie in its entirety. I’m pretty sure that Gilbert Blythe was my first crush.

I don’t think I could ever get tired of watching these two performers. They gave me great memories as a child watching them with my family.


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