The Worst Things That Can Happen To A Book Lover


I rediscovered a Buzzfeed post about The 26 Worst Things That Can Happen To A Book Lover and I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically because most of them are so true (at least for me). Feel free to share yours too.

Mine, in no particular order:

10. The book that you absolutely adored has been turned into a movie. Especially a really bad movie. (Unfortunately for me this has happened with Cecelia Ahern’s Where Rainbows End. By the end of it, I didn’t even recognize the plot!)

9. Some of your books have disappeared (sometimes for years) and you’ve only discovered them again once your brother or sister has moved out (true story). I was over at my sister’s new place yesterday and discovered that she’s pilfered some of my books because I have a sneaking suspicion she believes they are hers when I know for a FACT, they aren’t.

8. Having to return a book to the library when you’re THISCLOSE to finishing it. We all have lives and can’t always finish four books in three weeks.

7. Having to wait for 83 people to finish a library book BEFORE you can get your hands on it. Then it takes a week to be delivered to your home branch.

6. Realizing there aren’t enough hours in the day to finish reading a book you’ve come to love and HAVE TO FINISH TODAY.

5. Fifty Shades of GreySorry, I can’t help it. She’s put feminists back thirty years. Although I have to hand it to her, making something out of fan fiction is incredible.

4. Being forced to give away books that you haven’t read yet. I recently moved back in with my parents and they’ve taken great pleasure into telling me that I have too many books and they I must pack some of them up to give to Goodwill.

3. When someone tells you they hate the character that you love. Actually, I can only imagine this scenario because it hasn’t happened to me yet. But it has happened to me in terms of TV and movies and it makes me want to punch someone in the face (okay, I’m exaggerating…a little)

2. When a good book ends and there isn’t a sequel. 

1. When you have to do work or school work but you’d rather be reading. 

What do you think are the worst things that can happen to a book lover?


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