Tabloid Love by Bridget Harrison


Title: Tabloid Love: Looking for Mr. Right in All the Wrong Places
Author: Bridget Harrison
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Publication Date: January 1, 2006
Pages: 369
Source: Own, hardcover

Bridget Harrison is the best friend you often laugh at – she gets drunk on weekdays, sings bad karaoke, and shows up to work hungover. Boys and men alike love her because she’s fun, she’s foreign, and she’s a fish out of water (especially in New York City)! She’s everything I’ve ever wanted to be – pretty, irresistible, and fearless.

This is her hilarious memoir of navigating the unique waters of the dating world in the Big Apple. Her story has been described as “a real-life Bridget Jones meets Sex and the City.” Sold. Let’s be honest, I laugh-cried while Bridget dated a gynecologist with a girlfriend checklist that she didn’t meet the requirements, vacation flirtations, and men who asked her out on dates via her dating column – AWKWARD. She makes me question my own life choices – not just about dating, but about living. As I was reading this, she made me want to pack a bag and move halfway across the world, again.

Fans of chicklit, Sophie Kinsella, and even Jennifer Weiner will adore Tabloid Love. Harrison marries humour, romance, and hard-hitting news very well. If you’re looking for your next light read, give this a shot.