Appealed by Emma Chase


Title: Appealed (The Legal Briefs, #3)
Author: Emma Chase
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication Date: January 19, 2016
Pages: 288
Source: Library, ebook

Have you ever read a book you were willing to stay up until 3am to finish? There haven’t been that many for me – A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter – to name a few. However, when I read the description of Appealed (book three of the Legal Briefs series), I knew it was going to be hot, hot, hot! There is something about bickering characters – the sarcasm, the eye rolling, the sexual tension – who fall in love that is attractive to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I wasn’t fond of Overruled (book one of the Legal Briefs series) about Stanton Shaw, a cocky, young jock who leaves his hometown, high school sweetheart, and baby girl for Columbia law – only to visit his daughter occasionally and sleep with said high school sweetheart, Jenny. By the time I stopped reading it, I really couldn’t stand Stanton anymore. But this review isn’t about him.

Brent Mason and Kennedy Randolph were neighbors, best friends, and lovers growing up. They drifted apart at boarding school – he was the popular, fun jock with the beautiful girlfriend and she was the girl with baggy clothes and weird friends. He grew up to become an empathetic lawyer with his own practice and she became a gorgeous, kickass prosecutor. After 15 years apart, he unknowingly flirts and exchanges barbs with her at his parents’ crazy shindig. But the sparks fly when they are assigned to the same case. Can they put aside their differences and prejudices long enough to get along?

I was totally absorbed into Brent and Kennedy’s world from the very start. There was just enough sparring, misunderstanding, and sexy romance to go around. Despite not having finished Overruled or read Sustained, that didn’t bother me. Brent wasn’t simply the playboy that everyone assumed him to be – he had a troubled past and a heart of gold when it came to the people that mattered the most. Kennedy was probably my favourite character because she didn’t take crap from anyone, especially any man. Since I haven’t read the series, I can’t really give you my opinion on how everything fits in here. But I’m highly recommending Appealed; you won’t be sorry you did!


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