Top Ten Tuesday – October 4, 2016


[Top 10 Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by the wonderful The Broke and the Bookish because who doesn’t love top 10 lists!]

It’s time for another Top Ten! This week’s topic is Top Ten Favourite TV Villains.

This list may not be the traditional TV villains but they are my favourite “bad guys”:


Lucifer Morningstar, Lucifer (2015)

Abandoning his lordship in Hell for sunny Los Angeles, Lucifer owns a happening nightclub, Lux, and during the day moonlights as an LAPD consultant using his telepathy to punish criminals. What’s drawn me to Lucifer is how he straddles the line between human and demon and becomes especially vulnerable as he falls for Detective Chloe Decker. It’s entertaining that satan has a sense of humour.


Annalise Keating, How to Get Away with Murder (2014)

Manipulative. Secretive. Brilliant. These adjectives all describe Annalise Keating to a T. As a criminal defence lawyer and professor, she spends her days teaching her students how to creatively execute a compelling defence for their clients. And by night, covering up her students’ indiscretions.


Frank Delfino, How to Get Away with Murder (2014)

Frank’s enigmatic presence during Season’s 1 had me sitting up and paying close attention. Who was he and why was he so unlike the other lawyers? He had this mafioso-like persona but hated the reference. He was tough but protective of everyone, especially Laurel. Part hit man and part lawyer, he assisted the Keatings’ in all of their cover ups and manipulations. I’m interested in finding out what his new role will be in Season 3 now that he and Annalise are on the outs.


Raymond “Red” Reddington, The Blacklist (2013)

On the FBI’s Most Wanted List and eluding them for twenty years, he strikes up a deal with FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen and her team to assist them on catching the world’s most dangerous criminals on called “the blacklist” in exchange for immunity. He’s intelligent, articulate, and never runs out of resources or favours from others. But the main reason that I like Reddington and The Blacklist is I really NEED to know why he’s so obsessed with Liz!


Regina Mills, Once Upon a Time (2011)

Regina Mills has a complicated place in Storybrooke. She is Henry’s adoptive mother (unaware that he is the saviour’s son), the former mayor, and the Evil Queen in the Enchanted Forest. Definitely campy, but an interesting character.


Quinn King, UnReal (2015)

Quinn King is a love to hate character! In order to make great television, this reality tv queen will do ANYTHING in her power to get a laugh, or cry, or tears from her participants. And she does it in heels 🙂


Constance Langdon, American Horror Story, Season 1 (2011)

Jessica Lange’s portrayal of Constance Langdon was what made AHS Season 1 captivating although I’m not usually a fan of characters who aren’t remotely redeemable. Constance was convincing as the friendly neighbour but secretly had a terrible jealous and cruel streak. She tried to poison her neighbour’s daughter Violet, constantly berated her daughter, Adelaide, and shot her maid when Constance discovered the affair with her husband.


Eric Northman, True Blood (2008)

Nobody, not even Sookie, could resist him.


Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl (2007)

Gossip Girl is not your traditional villain. She isn’t violent, doesn’t commit crimes (although her actions are questionable), or cover up evidence. If anything, she has other people do her dirty work digging up “The A List’s” dirty laundry. The way she taunts her subjects and audience by always being three steps ahead of them is entertaining. Also, if it wasn’t for Kristen Bell voicing this character, I don’t think I would have cared so much.


Eli “Weevil” Navarro, Veronica Mars (2004)

Weevil gained notoriety as the leader of the local PCH biker gang until he was sent to jail for Thumper (a fellow member)’s death. Veronica Mars is an ally with them both doing favours for each other. On the show, he had a lot to prove – every criminal act came back to him regardless of whether it was or not. So it was nice to see that in the movie his life is more stable – with a wife and young daughter.


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – October 4, 2016

  1. I’ve not watched much of the show, but Lucifer seems like a very interesting character because (please correct me if I’m wrong!) he functions as both the protagonist and antagonist at the same time, and it’s rare that that ever happens. Constance is a great villain, she’s so manipulative and bitter! Omg I’d totally forgotten about Weevil! What a throwback! Great post!

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