Top Ten Tuesday – December 20, 2017


[Top 10 Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by the wonderful The Broke and the Bookish because who doesn’t love top 10 lists!]

It’s time for another Top Ten! This week’s topic is Top Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Leaving Under the Tree!


Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham

After Gilmore Girls had been off the air for a while (I’m not sure how long), Lauren Graham wrote a book. I’m not sure it was anything special (because I didn’t read it), but it was loosely based on her life as a TV/film star. Now the GG revival has been on Netflix for almost a month and everyone has their opinions on Rory’s last four (controversial) little words! I’m more curious than ever to read all the behind the scenes drama that happened during the original and revival filmings. Oh so much has changed, yet the atmosphere has stayed the same.


Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

In previous posts I’ve praised Anna’s sarcastic, and at times, self-deprecating tweets. I really hope that her memoir is in a similar vein. Either it’s going to be the best thing on Earth or garbage. I really hope it’s the former.


Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Anderson

I’m one of those millenials who would probably annoy you with their lack of “adulting” skills. Don’t get me wrong, I can be independent, responsible, and neat when I want to be, but it’s just so easy to let other people do the work I’m too lazy to do (like mom).  It’s a terrible attitude, which I’m trying to rectify. However, down below or some comics that sums up how I feel about life sometimes.



The Worrier’s Guide to Life by Gemma Correll

Oh, God, this reminds me of how much I’m like my Grandma.


Ru by Kim Thúy

Thúy’s debut novel has one both the Governor General Award and won Canada Reads in 2015.


The Vegetarian by Kang Han

Some of my favourite bloggers and Booktubers have added this to their TBR or has read it, so I’m curious to read what all the hype is about. I hope it lives up to it.


Investigating Veronica Mars by Rhonda Wilcox

Veronica Mars one of the toughest, cleverest, interesting young women on TV. These are some of the reasons why I loved reading analysis on the series:

  • When friends and family mock of my love for this show (even though they’ve never seen it), these pop culture and Veronica Mars enthusiasts have shown me that my love is not a weird thing to be ashamed of.
  • Logan may have been a bit of an ass, but he loved V.
  • Keith will always be the best dad EVER.
  • Veronica was originally written as a boy, but the network felt TV needed more girl power!


Searching for John Hughes by Jason Diamond

Who hasn’t been obsessed with one or more Hughes films at some point in their lifetime?


Texts from Jane Eyre by Mallory Ortberg

This may be the only way I can stand to read Jane Eyre. I’ve tried (and failed) to get into it in the past.


It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell

After I watched Andie Mitchell’s TEDTalk, I know her story is going to be inspirational.

What books do you hope to find under the tree this year?


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