2017 End of the Year Survey


Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Last year, I watched BooksandLala’s 2016 Book Survey based on The Perpetual Page-Turner’s annual post. Did this last year and it was one of my favourite posts 🙂

*Photo credit: by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash


Number of books read: 47
Number of re-reads: None
Most read genre: romance

2017 (1).jpg

Best book read in 2017: Sal by Mick Kitson
Book you were excited about & thought you were going to love, but didn’t: Searching for John Hughes by Jason Diamond
Favourite author you discovered in 2017: Karen Swan
Most memorable character you read in 2017: Alex Hyde in The Christmas Secret and Sal in Sal
Newest fictional crush of 2017: 
Lochlan Farqhuar
Book that made you cry in 2017: 
The Christmas Secret
Book that crushed your soul:
Nothing this year

2017 (2)

One book you didn’t get to this year, but hope to in 2017: One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus and Curry by Naben Ruthnum
2018 debut you are most anticipating: None that I can think of right now
One thing you hope to accomplish on your blog: I’m hoping to write two blog posts a month and comment on posts at least three times a week.

I hope you enjoyed my 2017 book survey and write your own. Check out The Perpetual Page-Turner‘s blog for more questions. Happy and Prosperous 2018!


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